Digital Course Academy Reimagined
Launches Summer 2022

Academio's Learning Outcomes

As a direct result of participating in the course, you will generate:

A Signature Course

This purpose statement will be your Northstar around which you make decisions and create clear content that your audience will understand.

Advanced Gamification Strategies

Controversy for the sheer sake of controversy doesn’t honor your guest. While agreeing with your guests at all times doesn’t honor your listeners.

A Sense Of Community

There’s an art to interviewing others. It starts with asking questions that bring out the very best in your guests.

Strategies To Beta Test Your Course

At first, theory can seem unnecessary, but over time, you won’t need to memorize theory. It just becomes embodied. When that happens, lookout because all aspects of your podcast will improve by leaps and bounds.

A Culture Of Respect, Curiosity & Collboration

There are several ways that you can launch your podcast. We’ll go over launch models and assist you with a launch strategy that will work for you.

Decisions Based On Learning Theories & Positive Psychology

Is there an aspect of podcasting where you want to hide? Rather than being an expert in your field, do you experiencing imposter syndrome? They are a part of the ups and downs of podcasting. And you’ll have your coaches, but your community to support your growth.

Meaningful Metrics

Podcasts have different purposes. As such, we’ll help you decide the most powerful metrics for your podcast. When measured, these metrics will give you a powerful feedback loop to continually evolve your podcast.

Storytelling Frameworks

Incredible podcasts tell incredible stories. You’ll receive multiple frameworks that you can use to craft your own framework to tell your or your guest’s story.

Unique Workflows

We will help you to create processes and procedures that will help you to run your podcast, rather than your podcast running you.