I read an article by James Clear on the difference between being in Motion and taking action. Clear makes a simple differentiation by stating that “Motion is when you’re busy doing something, but that task will never produce an outcome by itself. Action, on the other hand, is the type of behavior that will get you a result.”

Graphic from jamesclear.com

Essentially people in Motion can fill their time with activities and tasks that lead to no discernible result. 

My own personal examples include:

  • Rebuilding a new website for my podcasting course – MOTION. Creating a free webinar that helps new podcasters to launch their shows – ACTION.
  • Getting more coaching certifications – MOTION. Serving the living crap out of a client – ACTION.
  • Outline a year’s worth of content – MOTION. Writing this article – ACTION.

What’s tough about being in Motion is that it’s sometimes really hard to tell the difference between Motion and action. We’re trying to be as objective as possible, but the best we can sometimes be is subjective.

If we’re so smart, why do we stay in the doldrums of being in Motion?

Simply put, we want to delay failure.

We want to build a thriving business…

* BUT we don’t want to look stupid in front of our family, friends, and colleagues.

* BUT we don’t want to feel rejected by potential clients.

* BUT we don’t want to flounder.

Essentially, we make ourselves look busy to others and ourselves.

So how do we get out of Motion?

Check out five ways we can start.

Ditch A Fixed Mindset For A Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck describes a fixed mindset as an approach to life where one is inherently an expert at specific skills and attributes. What results is a person looks for praise during the good times. When they fall short, fixed minded people are devasted because there’s no room for growth.

A growth minded person is always routinely asks for feedback so they can improve. They are not devasted when from failure because they get value to learn from and improve. A growth mindset is exactly what can put you in Motion.

Prioritize Progress

Being busy doesn’t result in progress. Things will never be perfect. Prioritizing progress is is an extension of a growth mindset and it takes it to the next level. Often times when things get difficult, we jump on a treadmill where we are working but not going anywhere. It just happened to me over the past few days. I felt imposter syndrome and feared being discovered as a fraud, and instead of pushing through, I rebuild my website. 

That’s not going to happen in the future. Do you see what I just did? Using a growth mindset!

Listen To Your Body

You can BS everyone around you and even BS yourself. When you are settling or in Motion, you’re body can feel it. When you talk about your business, you feel neutral. It’s your body telling you that you are settling. Another thing you can feel is heaviness, or weight – especially on your shoulders. We have neurons that obviously are in your head, but also extend to your heart and your stomach. What is your heart telling you to do when it comes to action? What about your gut? What is it telling you to do?

There’s a certain ebullience to doing rewarding work you love. Where it’s easy to get into flow. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Create Feedback Loops

How can you not love feedback loops? When we are in Motion, they serve as morsels of data that can help us course correct towards our desired outcomes. There are almost infinite ways to create feedback loops through the people we serve to the time it takes to reach your goal to the number of subscribers on our podcast.

Find Someone To Tell It Like It Is

If the most challenging part of moving from Motion to action is trying to be objective, find someone who’s objective. I have communities of people doing similar work as I do. I also have the privilege of having a coach who can call me out for playing small or wanting to hide behind a website project. 

One thing to note, friends and colleagues who know us can somethings give feedback about how much your project is in-line with you. Consider finding someone who can stand in the shoes of the clients you serve.

Ok I hope this helps. There are so many ways to move towards action. What areas are you in Motion? And what will it take to move you towards action?

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