Let’s talk about podcasting in a completely different way.

I’ve been in the podcasting space for over two years now. I love this medium because technology has made it really simple for anyone with a smartphone and a smile to get a podcast up relatively quickly.

But successful podcasts, ones that get their listeners to lean in, to laugh, to take action, aren’t things that course creators and coaches are talking about.

They aren’t talking about them because it’s hard to teach.

The Podcasters Underground mini-course is a stab at talking about the psychology and mindset approaches necessary to reach podcasting success.

  • How can you create a rapport with your guest so powerful that you can start your podcast with a deep dive?
  • How can you understand the different needs of your podcast, your guest, and your audience so that you can create a win-win-win scenario?
  • How can you create show notes that pull in new audience members?

In the Podcasters Underground, I’ll answer all of these questions and more in seven tiny but powerful podcasts.