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Welcome to TEDx Reimagined!

Are you a passionate, ambitious speaker, ready to make your mark on the TEDx stage and share your transformative ideas with the world? You’ve come to the right place! At TEDx Reimagined, I understand that many TEDx coaching programs use generalized templates to cater to the masses, leaving you with a talk that may lack authenticity and a genuine connection to your audience.

But around here, I do things differently.

You’ll receive personalized, one-of-a-kind coaching services tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Whether a seasoned, mult-time TEDx speaker or an aspiring one, I provide exceptional 1-on-1 coaching services that will guide you through every step of your TEDx adventure, from securing your spot on the prestigious stage to crafting a compelling talk that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

You’ll feel connected with your talk, me, and yourself on a genuine level. It creates a relaxed and casual atmosphere that fosters creativity and growth.¬† My experience, energy, and commitment¬† will help you design and deliver an outstanding talk that resonates with your listeners and propels your message far and wide.

But it doesn’t stop there! We’ll also work tirelessly to promote your TEDx talk to a vast online audience, ensuring it reaches the most people who need to hear your message. Our goal is to empower you to make a meaningful impact, share your insights, and inspire change in the world around you.

It’s time to turn your ideas into powerful TEDx talks that captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. With my personalized approach, you’ll finally have the support and expertise you need to overcome your fears and challenges, allowing you to focus on your professional goals and personal aspirations.

No more generalized templates.

No more training for the masses.

Nothing stale or vanilla talks.

Just you, speaking authentically on a red dot,

This is TEDx Reimagined.

Why TEDx Reimagined

With TEDx Reimagined, you’ll gain access to the guidance and expertise you need to unlock your full potential as a professional speaker. Our coaching program is tailored specifically to you and covers every stage of the TEDx process. We understand your desire to make an impact and be recognized as a thought leader in your industry, and that’s precisely what TEDx Reimageined is designed to help you achieve.

Here's what you'll receive in TEDx Reimagined

Your Signature Talk

Work 1-on-1 with a renowned speaker coach to craft and deliver a tight, compelling TEDx talk that you and your audience will love.

Application Strategy

Applying for TEDx events can sometimes feel like playing darts blindfolded. We’ll help you craft a strong application strategy, and increase the chances you’ll be selected to an event.

Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling has the power to move people. So it’s essential for delivering a memorable TEDx talk as it helps speakers connect with their audience, communicate their message effectively, and make your talk more engaging and impactful.

Pivoting After Your Talk

There’s an opportunity after delivering your TEDx talk. For many, it can look like writing a book, creating online courses, launching a podcast, or making other media appearances. We’ll be there for you to plan that pivot and keep your momentum going.

Your Rock Solid Mindset

We’ll help shift your mindset to counter stage fright and imposter syndrome so you can take the stage with a confidence that your audience will feel.

Performance & Delivery

Whether it be eye contact, movement, voice inflection or pacing, we’ll raise the bar on your performance strengths to deliver a captivating, powerful, and unforgettable talk.

Your Idea Worth Sharing

You’ll receive coaching to uncover and TEDx talk idea that both you and the audience will love.

Memorization & Practice Strategies

In the days leading up to your TEDx talk, we’ll spend as much time as needed to prepare you to deliver your talk comfortably and gracefully under pressure. The payoff is that you take the stage with eagerness, excitement, and confidence.

Backed By Research

We’ll support you in using research to support your ideas and arguments, as it adds credibility and demonstrates a thorough understanding of your topic.

Marc Cordon
Lead Coach, Speaking Reimagined

Case Study: Women's Liberation is an Inside Job: Ending Self-Betrayal

Abby Havermann

TEDxCherryCreek Women 2022

Abby Havermann has all the speaking and performance chops and a great idea for a strong TEDx performance. We refined her talk and pushed those skills to the limit in the last two and a half weeks before her talk. We also had a lot of fun throughout the process. Her performance below speaks for itself. Once that talk came out, we pivoted into a successful 5-day challenge called “From Hot Mess to Harmony,” which added incredible momentum to Abby’s movement.


Case Study: Conscious Empowerment & Collective Liberation

Melanie C Klein

TEDx Farmingdale 2022

Melanie Klein has the skill to teach any graduate-level course. In addition to coaching her to write a powerful talk, I helped her unlock her creative edge to imbue her talk with nostalgia and colorful details to allow her characters and story arc to come to vibrant life. I set engagement goals and strategies and spearheaded a promotional plan to maximize impact, including gamification software and a Times Square billboard. Between the engaging nature of the talk and the strategy and goal metrics, this resulted in over 650 comments in a very short amount of time. My expertise allowed an unconventional TEDx talk to become a shining star that has moved and impacted thousands of viewers

Case Study: The Economics of the 4th Trimester

Dr. Sonal Patel

TEDxOcala 2022

When I started working with Dr. Sonal Patel, she was becoming an expert on postpartum care and its impact on both mothers and economies. With the goal of bringing attention to the importance of the “4th trimester,” Dr. Patel and I knew that we had to match with a TEDx site with a reputation of excellence. So we worked together to apply for TEDxOcala, and Sonal was offered an opportunity to speak. Her talk was reviewed by TED, who found Sonal’s talk “valuable and timely.” As such, TED released Sonal’s talk in a manner to maximize reach. In less than a week of launching, Dr. Patel’s TEDx talk was viewed by over 20,000 people.

Case Study: The Power of Your Double Heart

J Flow

TEDxOcala 2022

J Flow’s energy on and off the stage is infectious. In addition, he has a touching story about his grandmother and her wisdom. We worked on adding more subtle, vulnerable parts of his story to make the overall talk even more dynamic. We also ensured that his talk’s moving part was balanced with research and theory on post-traumatic growth.

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